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Garrison - new district


There is a place in the Tri-City, where the past blends smoothly with the future, and daring visions of architects correspond with neo-Renaissance monuments of brick. Thoughts and ideas – how to organize better, more efficiently the human life in the city, are being put into practice without being embarrassed with space. There is a place in the heart of Gdansk, where a new district of the city is being created – the Garnizon.

From the beginning, the planned and thought-over idea of regaining public space is implemented in the form of new apartment, office, service and retail buildings. This is where new huge glazed lofts look over the roofs of the restored monuments. It is here where comfortable apartments correspond to the park and villa buildings of the Strzyża and Oliwa districts and modern office buildings light up the space with their solar façades and structures closer to the cities of the future than to the 1,000-year-old borough.

Courage, scale and prudence – features close to the creators, residents as well as users of the new district offices. Courage – participation in a remarkable urban project redefining the city idea. Scale – possible thanks to almost 30 hectares of unrestrained space in the very centre of the city. Prudence is the choice of the best location with communication, complete trade, service, educational and sports infrastructure within arm's reach, the Tri-City Landscape Park 500 meters from the border of the district with the beach of the Gulf of Gdansk and the Old Town just 8 minutes away by bike along comfortable and safe paths.

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